ABout us

Ceneic is a London based agency for the promotion  and exhibition  of emerging design and ideas in the fields of Biodesign and Biotechnology from individual designers and scientists, start ups and established companies.

Our work is public facing with the intention of manifesting some of the most exciting ideas currently in development to the broadest audience possible.

Ceneic are interested in the following areas: Ancestry and Genetics, Architecture, Biometrics and Data, Biomimicry, Bionics, Debate, Emerging products, Energy, Entomology, Fashion, Food, Health/Pharma/Genomics, Material Innovation, Synthetic Biology and Waste.

We take an expansive approach to our work and want ask big questions about the world around us. We want to help kids extract DNA from fruit, and teach old ladies how to make bioplastic, work with archaeologists to explore the anthropocene, create biophilic installations and work with regenerative design systems. And much more.

Founders Rory Dodd and Bud Moore have a combined 30 years of experience producing design exhibitions and projects in the UK and internationally.

Ceneic would love to hear from you about your project and how you think we might be involved