Allow us to introduce BIOTOURS –  bespoke experiences illuminating businesses on the trends, insights and influencers driving biodesign, biotechnology, circularity and sustainability. 

Allow us to curate an intensive immersion virtually (or IRL!) and increase literacy in the world of biodesign, connect with the innovators in industry-shifting biotechnology and implement circular economy practices into the fabric of your business.

Whether it’s a specific brief – how can we reduce plastic in our delivery packaging? How can we make our buildings more carbon neutral? Or a broader exploration – how might synthetic biology be useful to our business? How can we inspire our product design teams to explore more sustainable alternatives? Get in touch to find out how we can help

The two projects featured on this page are just a tiny example of our vast network of people working in this fascinating and emerging space. Whether you are a global brand, a local authority or a growing business that is looking to the future, we can put together the right experience for you.


Get a taste of ‘Biotours’ at Dutch Design Week 2020

The 2010s saw an explosion in bio- and ecology-driven design concepts and prototypes, but in an era of urgency – how do we transition ‘concepts’ to crisis-solving solutions and galvanise systemic change? How can businesses scale from speculative ideas to integrated solutions? How can businesses adopt these practices when the needs of the planet and people are in constant flux? 

Biotours present a virtual pop-up studio and lunchtime briefing series featuring 16 enterprising and attuned graduate designers shaping industry-shifting applications in biodesign, biotechnology, circularity and sustainability.

The Biotours experience will offer immersive and critical insight, inspiration and imagination around four macro areas of opportunity: Bio-Tech Realities, (Local) Systems Solutions, The New ‘Growth’ Mindset and Augmented Humans.

This will offer a taster of the insight and network offered by Biotours.

19-10-2020: Bio-Tech Realities Register Now
20-10-2020: (Local) Systems Solutions Register Now
21-10-2020: The New ‘Growth’ Mindset Register Now
22-10-2020: Augmented Humans Register Now

About the Themes

Bio-Tech Realities

How might we bring the merger of biology and technology closer into contact with our everyday lives? How might it help us rethink what we perceive as ‘biologic’ or ‘technologic’ products? What are the systems-scale applications of this frontier technology?

Topic areas: Product design, spatial design, environmental design, city planning, nature futures, telecomms, electronics

Featured designers: Tom Pais, Romy Snijders, Sean Ross

(Local) Systems solutions

Whilst we know ‘circular’ models are favourable – how might we draw our ‘circles’ from the inside out starting closer to home? Can we pay closer attention to the materials, skills and needs in our own neighbourhoods, cities and regions in order to reshape the nationwide or even international systems that surround us? 

Topic areas: Circular systems, material alternatives, manufacturing, infrastructure, product design, city planning, automotive, ‘utilities’

Featured designers: Julian Ellis Brown, The Tyre Collective, SaltyCo, Roberta Lebed Hopart, Giuseppe Abate

The New ‘Growth’ Mindset

In nature there is no ‘waste’ so how can we turn ‘waste’ streams into sources of material abundance that provide legitimate alternatives to raw material? How can we manage our relationships with microorganisms (and create new ones)? How can we learn from nature to revolutionise how industry’s ‘make’?

Topic areas: Manufacture, industrial processes, material futures, biotechnology, home-hacking, apparel, fashion, beauty, sportswear

Featured designers: Sarah Graham, Riina Oun, Moenika Chowdhury, Jade Echart, Carolina Perez Leon


Augmented Humans

Why care about technology we can ‘wear’? How do we progress ‘wearables’ beyond self-optimisation metrics? What opportunities are there to centralise technologies around urgent human needs? How can technology be more inclusive? 

Topic areas: Wearables, product design, data, personal electronics, social inclusion

Featured designers: Nelly Taheri, Sophie Horrocks, Natalie Kerres

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