Biodesign Here Now

Ceneic collaborated with Open Cell on the management and production of Biodesign Here Now, which took place during the London Design Festival in September 2018.

Resident Studios

Each of the resident studios and start ups based at Open Cell presented their work within their studio spaces.

Alice Potts

Every crystal is unique. Our bodies sweat different amounts depending on the amount of sweat glands. With most sweat being produced on either the hands or feet. How could this effect the size and growth. With males sweating more then women, would there be an obvious difference between size or structure.


Placing biological systems at the heart of their inspiration, Biohm combine ideologies of the circular economy and human-centred design with future-tech to create a step-change in building technologies, materials and manufacturing methods.

Cell Free

Bixels is a low cost tool for STEAM education. It uses a small microcontroller along with LEDs to illuminate fluorescent proteins.

When combined with cell-free extract it is a great way to learn about molecular biology.


Chip[s] Board® is an eco friendly alternative to chipboard and MDF made using potato waste. Unlike its resin based counter- parts, Chip[s] Board® is biode- gradable post-use and doesn’t contain added formaldehyde or other toxic resins and chemicals.


Olombria encourage flies to be more efficient pollinators, in scenarios where bees are no longer as viable. Flies are already adept pollinators, being the main pollinators in urban environments, and in total, accounting for over 30% of all pollination.


WASE develop decentralised wastewater treatment systems that embrace a circular economy to recover energy, nutrients, and water in wastewater.

Exhibitor listing

Open Cell and Ceneic invited over 50 UK and international exhibitors to take part in Biodesign Here Now

AA Architecture
AA nanotourism Visiting School
Alice V Robinson
Ani Liu
Anna Talvi
Architecture of Cure
Ashley Scarborough
Bartlett School of Architecture
Baum & Leahy with NIOZ
Barclays Eagle Labs
Bianca Russo
Biodesign Challenge
Biotic Games Collective
Bubble & Squeak

Chih-Chia Chang
Chip[s] Board®
Cell-Free Technology
Central Research Laboratory
CRI & Ecole Boulle Biodesign
Drew Richards
Giulia Tomasello
Greg Orrom Swan
Guy Aidelberg
Henry Stanford
Jeffrey Doruff
Jiwoon Woo
Jun Kamei
Katie May Boyd
Lindsay Ann Hanson
Liv Bargman

Louize Harries
Luojun Xu
Maria Vidal Vergara
Marin Sawa
MIT Tangible Media Group
Nina Cutler
Perspire Studios
Piero D’Angelo
Sinae Kim
Studio Above&Below
Studio Hache
The Living 
Theresa Schubert
Victoria Geany

Online Catalogue

Please contact Open Cell or Ceneic for more information on any of the exhibitors.
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