Material Relationships

A series of talks and workshops Ceneic have put together at Open Cell. Over the coming months we will cover a series of topics including Colour, Ancestry and Genetics, Packaging, Waste and Entomology.

We are entering an era where the world demands new materials, materials that are more sustainable, can be produced using less toxic methods, and can be returned to the the supply chain to create products with added value once they’ve completed the task we’ve asked them to do for us.

We’re asking designers, material scientists, and researchers to discuss what excites them about the materials they are both working with and trying to develop for the future. What brought them here, what have they learned, and where are they going next?

Material Relationships aims to create a dialogue between those working with the most inspiring innovative and rediscovered materials and those who want to follow similar paths, share their ideas, or simply be informed about the world around them.

Winter Wonderground and the Circular Economy

The first of a series of talks and workshops and talks covered

We invited Ehab Sayed, founder of BIOHM and Rob Nicoll co founder of Chip(s)board to discuss the relationships they have with the materials they work with. We wanted to get everyone away from their powerpoints and their screens, and really talk about the materials they work with.

We asked them to talk around a series of questions: My Material and how I found it – Why I love working with this material – Why it works for what it does – The limitations of my Material and what I want to do next. As well as these questions the audience were asked to pitch in and dig deeper to ask their own questions and offer their own perspectives.

Ceneic would love to hear from you about your project and how you think we might be involved